Visitor Transit Systems

TDI has designed a number of unique 'Visitor Transit Systems', or VTS, which is a modern-day, more sophisticated development of the traditional land train concept.

Typically a towing vehicle (which can be powered by either electric or combustion engine), is used to pull a series of up to three passenger-carrying trailers. Each trailer has four-wheel steering and is designed to follow precisely in the tracks of the vehicle in front. The total train can carry up to 60 seated passengers and has a minimum turning of 12.8m radius (outer wheels).

The carriages are manufactured in aluminium and composites and feature fully powered doors, drop-light windows and a pressure ventilation system to prevent condensation. All are wheelchair accessible and incorporate a passenger announcement facility, along with inductive loop transmitters for the hard of hearing. They can be styled or themed, both inside and out, according to individual customer preferences.

In the UK, the VTS can be operated along public highways at no more than 10mph through a Vehicle Special Order (VSO) issued by the VCA. They also require the approval of an inspection body such as ADIPS.

Most recently (late 2016), TDI has provided designs for the new land trains now operating in Dubai Parks Resorts.

  • Dubai Parks

New for 2017, TDI is launching a new concept in visitor transit called 'The Cube'. 


The Cube is an infinitely exendable train of cube-like pods which can each accommodate up to 10 people. All Cubes are identical, interchangeable and self-powered from lithium ion power packs located beneath the floors.


Electronic four-wheel steering ensures precise manoevring and docking in both directions without the need for turning circles at each end of the route which makes the whole system extremely space efficient.


Vehicles can be open or fully enclosed against the weather with electrically powered doors for easy access. Wheelchairs can also be accommodated.


The system is ideal for short haul shuttle services such as transporting passengers between car parks, visitor attractions, cruise ships and other transport modes.