The Next Step

If you believe that one of these technologies may provide a solution to your transport needs, please contact us straight away. We will be pleased to visit your town/city to understand your requirements first hand, make a presentation, and discuss the methodology for taking a project forward. In most cases, the next step will be to undertake a feasibility study. Typically, this will involve the following process to enable our project team to provide you with a fully budgeted proposal for designing and implementing a complete transit system, or perhaps just providing specific items of equipment and vehicles as appropriate. Alternatively, there is the opportunity for equipment to be manufactured and assembled locally under licence.

1) develop a brief though workshops with client team and stakeholders
2) identify and survey potential transit routes
3) consider environmental and traffic planning issues
4) understand operational and budgetary constraints
5) model route profiles, passenger usage/revenue forecasts
6) define vehicle performance specification
7) define potential infrastructure and civil engineering requirements
8) develop and illustrate conceptual scheme - may involve a number of options
9) identify capital and whole life costing models
10) deliver recommendations/project proposal