TDI has an outstanding portfolio of design and engineering work, spanning a very diverse range of project activities, developed over the past 30 years. The following examples (categorised alphabetically) are offered as a demonstration of the wide-ranging skills and cross-discipline knowledge base of the TDI team - accumulated over time through these experiences.

As our references demonstrate, no project is too great or too small; we enjoy new challenges and opportunities!



  • Double Decker Trains

    Since its foundation in the late nineteen eighties, TDI has been involved in the design of four generations of double deck trains for 'Sydney Trains' (formerly CityRail and SRA) including Tangaras, 4GTs and outer suburban cars (OSCARs).

  • Driver Cabs

    TDI can provide fully engineered, ergonomically validated designs for complete driver cab environments, simulators, desks and associated equipment. Illustrations show various design solutions including the original interior mock-up for the Jubilee Line cab developed for London Underground in 1990. TDI can supply either finished product or full production drawing pack/CAD data complete with all necessary compliance documentation.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Working in conjunction with partners, TDI has developed several demonstrator electric vehicles using state-of-the-art battery technology, including the Minitram (a bi-directional guided bus) and home delivery vans for Asda and Ocado.

  • High Speed Rail

    TDI has been retained for various high speed projects such as the Brisbane-Cairns tilting trains in Queensland (Australia's first ever high speed line), the Sydney-Melbourne VFT and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) in the UK.

  • Human Factors

    TDI has considerable expertise in human factors including the manufacture of special rigs and mock-ups to prove saloon layouts including RVAR/TSI PRM requirements and driver sight lines etc. In the late 1990s, TDI worked with LUL to prepare the first edition of the 'London Underground Train Interior Design Guidelines'.

  • Interior Design

    TDI has created a very large number of interior design solutions for rail vehicles around the world. Typically, these can start life as part of a bid-support package for either a rolling stock operator, manufacturer or interior systems supplier. Following acceptance, TDI is then able undertake a complete production engineering programme to develop and prototype the concepts into series production, along with full compliance documentation.

  • Liveries & Branding

    TDI is able to provide a full graphic design service, developing corporate identities and liveries for complete transit systems.

  • London Underground

    TDI have been working on London Underground projects since 1990 when first retained (then as Warwick Design Consultants) by LUL to develop new interiors, cabs and front end designs for Jubilee, Piccadilly and Northern Line tube stock. TDI also manufactured full size mock-up for each of the train interiors as well as developing the driver's desks and Jubilee 'M' door detrainment system. Notably, TDI undertook comprehensive ergonomic studies for all driver and passenger interfaces including integration of the first wheelchair spaces on the Underground and the definition of a universal seat profile which could be used across all new stock. This led to TDI's research and illustrations being used as the foundation for the London Underground 'Train Interior Guidelines' first published in 1996. Most recently, TDI has assisted Bombardier with the engineering of various cab and interior systems for the new VLU and SSL stock.

  • Marine Leisure

    TDI has invented and manufactured various products for divers and swimmers, including the Sub-bug range of underwater vehicles and the unique (patented) 'Speedmask' - licensed to Speedo for the Sydney Olympic Games.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    As an integral part of any production design exercise, TDI is able to develop practical and reliable mechanical engineering solutions for many applications. Recent projects are diverse and range from adjustable driver footrests (London Underground VLU/SSL stock and Hitachi Javelin) to fully automatic passenger door systems (Vectus PRT).

  • Metro and Light Rail

    TDI has an extensive portfolio of rolling stock designs (exterior styling and interiors) undertaken both in the UK and across the Asia Pacific region including the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Line trains for London Underground, MTR West Rail in Hong Kong, Athens Metro, Marmaray line in Istanbul, Santiago Metro, Sydney Light Rail, Birmingham Midland Metro, Suzhou Lines 3,4 and 5 (China), Transdev Auckland and Tranz Metro Wellington.

  • Mock-ups & Prototypes

    TDI has manufactured in excess of 20 full size mock-ups of rail cars and driver's cabs both in the UK and Australia for the evaluation of styling, human factors and trial fit of pre-production parts. Mock-ups can be built either locally or at the TDI workshops and then shipped in kit form for erection at the customer’s own premises. To prove designs and gain customer feedback, TDI is also able to prototype specific products, equipment, vehicle structures and interior systems.

  • People Movers & APMs

    TDI has developed a unique specialism in the design and development of all types of people movers, from land trains to monorails to PRT (personal rapid transit). More detailed information can be found by on the 'TRANSIT TECHNOLOGY' pages.

  • Production Engineering

    In addition to designing specific items of equipment, TDI has developed many interior system solutions for new build and refurbished trains including: saloon window pans, draught screens, stand-backs, ceilings (with fully integrated lighting and HVAC ducting), dado panels, end walls, partitions, fire barriers and complete driver's cabs. TDI can supply either finished product, through preferred supply chain partners, or full production drawing pack/CAD data complete with all necessary compliance documentation.

  • Rail Products

    Over the years, TDI has developed a great many market-ready products for the rail industry including: lighting systems, luggage stacks and racks, litter bins, seats, toilet modules and various items of equipment for drivers' cabs such as complete desks, adjustable footrests, instrument binnacles and detrainment systems.

  • Seating

    TDI has designed a great many passenger seats, including fabric patterns, for metros, underground and commuter trains in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia. TDI also has very close ties with major UK seating supplier 'Transcal Rail' and can supply either finished product or full production drawing pack/CAD data complete with all necessary compliance documentation.

  • Station Environments

    TDI is interested in the design of the total transit experience, not just the vehicles, ie. from the point where passengers first enter the system to the point where they leave. Aside from pure aesthetics, it is the ease with which passengers negotiate the entire network - including the station environment - and the level of comfort they enjoy while travelling, which ultimately determines the success of a design.

  • Toilet Modules

    TDI has designed and built mock-ups of a number of train toilet modules over the years. In 2016, the company developed its own brand, TSI PRM compliant, universal access toilet module (UAT) which has now been to licensed to Transcal Engineering for manufacture and distribution. Called 'Eclipse', the module is designed for either new build or refurbishment applications and can be supplied in flat-pack form to fit through existing train doors and corridors. The modular panels are easily modified in size to accommodate different rolling stock configurations and toilet footprints including standard, non-wheelchair installations. Managed by Porterbrook, the first units were installed on West Midlands Trains’ Class 323 cars in early 2019.

  • Train Refurbishment

    TDI has undertaken several full interior refurbishment projects including the First Great Western HST fleet, the ’73 Piccadilly Line tube stock on London Underground and the Tangara double deck trains in Sydney. Typical scope of work involves developing concept designs through to full manufacturing and assembly drawings and compliance documentation (e.g. to Rail Group Standards).

  • Trams

    TDI has helped develop vehicle design and branding solutions for both the Birmingham Midland Metro and Manchester Metrolink in the UK.